About the PR/Marketing Manager position

We are looking for a qualified Digital marketing manager to take the lead in developing successful, long-term digital marketing strategies for our company. A successful Digital Marketing Manager will have in-depth marketing experience and be passionate about digital technologies. You will work closely with multiple teams to ensure consistency through a variety of digital marketing channels. You should also provide forward-thinking ideas to construct and maintain a strong company web presence. Ultimately, you are the driving force behind all digital marketing efforts to achieve our business objectives.

PR/Marketing Manager responsibilities are:

  • Build the digital marketing roadmap of our business

  • Manage all digital marketing channels (e.g. website, blogs, emails and social media) to ensure brand consistency

  • Measure ROI and KPIs

  • Prepare budget as a result of ROI and KPIs.

  • Conceptualize and develop pointed campaigns to create and maintain higher levels of customer interaction

  • Oversee social media accounts across platforms

  • Manage and improve online content, taking Google Analytics and SEO into account

  • Proactively forecast sales performance trends in the interest of increasing our market segment.

  • Liaise with Product, Design and Sales directors to increase client satisfaction through cohesive and collaborative strategies

  • Motivate digital marketing team to achieve goals

  • Monitor competition and provide ideas to help us remain unique

  • Stay up-to-date with digital technology trends, developments, and changes

PR/Marketing Manager requirements are:

  • Proven work experience as a Digital marketing manager

  • Demonstrable experience in the design and implementation of successful digital marketing campaign(s)

  • Strong understanding of how all current digital marketing channels function

  • Solid knowledge of online best practices as well as marketing tools.

  • Hands on experience with SEO/SEM, Google Analytics and CRM software

  • Familiarity or proficiency with web design and tenets thereof

  • Outstanding analytical and project management skills

  • Strong team management and communication (written and verbal) skills

  • BSc degree in Marketing, Digital technologies or relevant field