Degas is a tech startup aiming to improve the income of 600 million smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa.
We are advancing a business focused on data-driven operations, leveraging data collection and AI, on the largest scale in Africa.

Our team

  • Doga Makiura

    CEO / Founder

  • Yohei Nakayama

    CTO | ex-AWS | Adjunct Assistant Professor at Keio University

  • Takuya Kodama

    Mobile App Developer | ex-Recruit

  • Maksim Istomin

    Backend developer | ex-Rakuten

  • Khoa Ngo

    Frontend Developer | ex-Binance, LINE

  • Kumiko Kataoka

    Product Manager | ex-Mercari, Alibaba

  • Tatika Catipay

    COO | ex-Deloitte

  • Stella Talvin

    Financial Planning & Strategy | ex-PwC

  • Ntiamoah Obeng

    Field Operations

  • Perpetual Akosua Anyimadua Amoah

    Human Resources And Administrative Manager

  • Grace Antiwi

    Climate Smart Solutions

  • Gilbert Bayor

    Finance Operations

  • Takeru Ochiai

    New Business Manager | ex-Recruit

  • Floris Sonnemans

    Business Development