Reporting to: Head of Carbon Markets

Managing: 1-2 interns or junior associates

Remuneration Range: Based on experience
Location: Global/remote (However, candidates must be willing to relocate to Japan, or any other location deemed essential for Degas’ commercial activity, if required).

Role Maturation: 18-30 months, becomes Head of Collective Solutions and Portfolio Management

About Degas Carbon Markets:

Degas’ newly established carbon markets division has ambitious goals to leverage climate finance for the development and empowerment of rural communities across the world. We are passionate about delivering high-quality agricultural land management and emissions avoidance projects that can produce tangible and measurable sustainable development outcomes.

Working closely with Degas’ technology, Agri-operations, business development and finance divisions, the carbon markets team will deliver end-to-end project development solutions and digital products that will improve the livelihoods, crop productivity and economic resilience of smallholder farmers for generations to come.

If you’re ready to take on the biggest challenges of our generation, and drive large-scale institutional investment into climate mitigation, food security, and sustainable development, come and join an innovative and diverse team that is positioned to deliver eight-to-nine-digit annual growth over the next few years!

Position Description:

  • This is a mid-level commercial role in Degas’ Carbon Markets Division focusing on end-to-end carbon project development, market strategy and portfolio management.

  • This role supports executive-level decision-making and the development of projects, products and partnerships that will leverage carbon finance to position Degas as a key influencer and deal-maker in the movement of private capital into agricultural development and carbon projects in Africa.
    • This also includes R&D for new digital products and the development of global product licensing opportunities.

  • This role also supports the development and implementation of Degas’ carbon market strategy, ensuring alignment with emerging trends in agricultural value chains and reinforcing the role of climate-focused financial instruments in sustainable economic development for smallholders.


  • Support project initialization and design, and write project documents (e.g. VCS and SD Vista program documents, including PDDs). This role will have an acute focus on concept validation and scenario testing, alongside the development of robust governance structures, adaptive legal frameworks and social safeguard mechanisms.

  • Build and maintain Degas’ corporate model by developing proposals and incentive frameworks for project pipeline development, product licensing opportunities, and carbon offtake agreements.

  • Develop and implement comprehensive portfolio management and risk management frameworks through all stages of the project lifecycle.

  • Develop the in-house expertise for Degas to integrate projects and products into Scope 3 programs across key agricultural value chains.

  • Lead general market analysis, including price trends, competitive benchmarking and TAM sizing for various project opportunities across different geographies.

  • Validate and monitor Degas’ carbon market strategy against internal reporting frameworks, and the long-term viability of stakeholder expectations.

Target experience and competencies:

  • 3+ years of work experience in a cross-cutting role focused on agricultural sustainability and or international development in Africa.

  • Working knowledge and practical experience in; sustainable finance, new product development, commodity certification, carbon project management and accounting.

  • Ideal candidates should hold an MBA or LLB.

  • Must be comfortable with agile and lean project management methodologies and working styles.

Cover letter:

Please describe the most difficult commercial problem you have solved. (E.g. repairing a client relationship, or developing a new business or product etc.)